• 2019-10-29

There are lot of applicants who would like to continue studying in HEIs after graduating school. Moreover, this kind of continuation of formal education is the most typical for our country.
Following article refers to students’ evaluation of their decision to enter higher education institutions. Data generated by international research ‘Eurostudent VI’ enables us to compare opinions of Georgian students’ with those of other European students. 1 Students assessed statements regarding the decision to enter higher education. Among them, following statement was assessed: „It was always clear I would study one day”. Research results reveal that in almost every surveyed European country most of students were sure that they would study one day. As it turned out, Georgian students are leaders in terms of assuredness (86.5%) after Albania (91.9%), as for Czech students, they have the lowest rate (34.2%).

Among the items assessed by students is following statement as well: „I often have the feeling that I don’t really belong in higher education”. 13.8% of Georgian students (strongly) agrees to the item. Mostly, Romanian (27%) and Hungarian (21.4%) students question the decision to enter higher education.  Statement - „I sometimes ask myself whether studying was the right choice for me” – was evaluated as follows: Croat students ask this question most seldom themselves (10.4%), Poles - most often (28.4%), as for Georgian students, this question is topical for every fourth surveyed student (21%).