• 2018-04-04

IPM Researches offers statistic data of 2017 on the media activity of business industry companies. This time, we present markets and significant aspects of their media coverage. In 2017 Carrefour was the most active market with 27% of whole coverage.

All 8 active companies have mosgtly positive evaluation. According to this indicator Nikora Supermarket occupies the first position. 75% of its full coverage is positive. Negative assessment is not identified in regard with 2 companies-Smart and Nikora Supermarket. The highest negative evaluation concerns Fresco.

Positive profile of Nikora Supermarket is connected with several pleasant news. The company
was named within the 18 th business rating of The Georgian Times as the best company of years
2016-17. In 2017 employees of Nikora became shareholders of the company.
After several months joint efforts TBC Capital successfully accomplished placement of Nikora bonds. It was the biggest bond placement of non-financial group at the local securities market. Within the memorandum Nikora Supermarket financed Botanical Garden during a year. The sum was spent on studying plants, filing and renovating collection, growing the garden opportunities, Negative profile of company Fresco is connected with several scandalous facts that were actively covered by media.
Personal Data Protection Inspector fined Fresco for video cams installed in fitting rooms. According to the public ombudsman Fresco interfered in intimate life of female employees.

In early 2017 former staff members of Fresco began to talk about terrible working conditions. They said that they were slaves and there was inhumane attitude in the company. The society and various bodies had a sharp reaction toward the issue.