Product Test

This research is unique in a way, because its research object is the product itself, and not the brand. In general, marketing research is less oriented on the product and its taste, physical or internal parameters. Product test evaluates the product specifically and by correcting each parameter to increases the share of the product in the brand value. For example, interest rates in banking, or basic insurance parameters for insurance products, are internal physical characteristics of the product itself and not of the brand. Also, taste parameter of carbonated soft drinks relates not to the brand, but to the product itself, and the correction is implemented through the product test research.

Product test separates customer attitudes from the brand and tells the producer what "physical" resources the product has on the market, how the product's physical attributes correspond with the customer's taste (for fast moving goods) or abilities (for financial market products). As a result of product test, optimization of branding stage costs by means of elaborating the intensity and format of brand communication becomes possible.