• 2020-05-24

IPM continues monitoring of advertising market and this time we offer the activity of domestic appliances sector on TV in Q1,2020.
During this period 7 companies of the sector dominated at the given market. In Q1, 2020 these companies placed in total 4 182 ad clips.
In terms of ad quantity Beko occupies the first position. Beko placed 2418 clips. Samsung comes the second with 902 clips and Qebuli Klimati is the third with 308 ads. The chart shows the quantity of TV ads on domestic appliances in Q1, 2020:

In Q1, 2020 company Beko was leading in terms of ad chronometry as well (38020 seconds). Samsung is on the second position with 22667 seconds. The chart shows chronometry parameters of TV advertising:

As for investment-one of the most important parameters of advertising campaign, company Samsung is leading in accordance with the official price list (GEL 22804520). Beko comes the second (GEL 1998400).

The chart shows investment of companies (commercials) according to official price list in Q1, 2020: