• 2019-11-26

Food products represent one of the highest indicators in terms of TV advertising in Q3, 2019. During this period in total 11632 ad clips were presented with chronometry- 209210 seconds. The investment amounts to GEL 9002621. Let’s consider positions of companies in food products categories. In Q3, 2019 13 companies appeared in TV advertising. They placed 11632 ad clips.
The chart shows the number of ad clips in the category of food product producers.

In terms of quantity company Wimm Bill Dann Georgia placed the highest number of ad clips- 17472. The second position is occupied by Pepsico with 5525 clips. The last position belongs to Vake Meat Products with 12 clips.

Wimm Bill Dann is leading in the most important category as well. The investment made in Q3, 2019 amounts to GEL 14876369. The second position in investment category is occupied by Pepsico with GEL 5573169. Eti comes the last with GEL 1750.

The chart shows advertising investment in the category of food producers.