• 2019-10-15

Company IPM continues to study media activity of business industries. In Autumn 2018 we published media activity statistics of wine producing companies. It’s interesting that media activity of wine producing companies in autumn 2019 is quite changed compared to the analogue period of last year and only company is the same in TOP 5 companies. This is “Telavi Wine Cellar”. “Wine Factory #1” is the leader of 2019 year. In autumn 2018 “Winery Khareba” was leading the list regarding frequency of news broadcasted in media

“Wine Factory #1” is leading in 2019, that covers 50% share of media activity.

From the presented five companies, sentiment profile of 4 companies is positive. Only one company is neutral in media. As for negative sentiments, no negative information was broadcasted on Top 5 companies. Company “Shilda Wine Factory” leads in positive sentiments. 100% of the information broadcasted on this company is positive.

Positive profile of company “Shilda” was determined by the information about international exhibition Riga Food 2019, where production of this company was also exhibited. Media activity of the leader company of the season is also interesting. The issue is about famous dispute on “Wine Factory #1”, that started in 2015 year. People who owned the territory till 2004 year demanded to return their property back. After that the ancient wine factory changed tens of owners.