• 2018-07-01

A 65-year old has spent, on average, 1 year and 58 days
on telephone conversations.

Do you know how much time people spend, talking on phone? IPM Research surveyed 1100 respondents throughout Georgia to find out how often people call others and how much time they spend on telephone conversations.

As it turns out, the majority of respondents, talks on the phone daily. Among surveyed, comparatively more women speak on the phone every day (98%), than men (94%).

Contrary to popular opinion, time spent on telephone conversation is only slightly different between men and women. Women, on average, spend 11 minutes on one phone call, while men spend 10.

In addition, people spending the most time on phone are men in 25-34 age group (14,4 days a year).

All in all, a person spends approximately 9 days during a year talking on a phone. Consequently, after reaching adulthood a 65-year-old has spend about 1 year and 58 days on the activity.

Compared to 2006, time spend on telephone conversations has significantly decreased – 12 years ago a person spent approximately 12,2 days a year talking on a phone.

The reason for decrease of time we spend on phone might be due to computers becoming widely established in everyday life and thus different social networks (ex.: facebook, myspace) or other communication apps being more intensely used.