B2B Research

In most cases investors wishing to work in Georgia initially apply this kind of research method.Through B to B and desk study the client company obtains the following information:

   1. Industry volume/turnover

   2. Main players in industry

   3. Industry specifics in the country

   4. Legislation climate and legislative norms

   5. Opportunities and prospects of launching business

   6. Advertising, promotion and other expenses of industry

The results of B to B and desk study provide primary information on the relevance of various strategic and marketing activities. Besides it provides the company with the directions on formation of marketing objectives and additional information necessary for their implementation.

Desk study is

a non-standard task and frequently it requires certain research activities, among them expert interviews,KII, etc. In the process of desk study the existing information about industry provided by state and private sources is applied.

Local professional associations are also interested in B to B and desk studies. Quite frequently for the purpose of costs optimizaion certain industry purchases desk study for its staff members through the common budget. On the one hand this practice provides associations with minimal necessary information for planning industry development. On the other hand it enables separate market players to develop their own research activities not from zero-point, but from high rate.