Social Research

Not only material products and services are sold, but social products as well. Social products are generally sold by state or political organizations and NGOs. Hence, besides perishable goods and service marketing, the concepts of social and political marketing also exist. These industries have their own research standards and they often use them for gaining own objectives.

Almost all research companies begin their work with field activities due to their easiness. Such projects mainly come from clients specialized in social and political spheres. It is a serious mistake to think that social studies are limited to simple answers of respondents to simple questions. Actually social studies are as complex as marketing research. As the societies always differ in different countries and inside any single country, social studies have developed via special research standards.

In spite of this fact standard marketing research tools are widely applied in social studies. In Georgia it is already available to import and analyze data of various social and political surveys in a single software package. IPM Research offers this opportunity to its clients.

Research approaches

Typology of social research is not limited to studies regarding ratings of political organizations, social stratification, monitoring, assessment, medical service expenditure and values. Full typology of social research does not exist though each of them may echo international research practice that is actively carried out by IPM.

1. Psycho-demographic segmentation (developed by international research institutes and licensed by IPM in Caucasus)

2. Research of ratings of political organizations (through the research the client obtains not only current picture, but also full description of psychological, demographic, political, human and other factors, that in their turn precondition rating resources of political organizations)

3. Evaluation and Monitoring Research (M&E is carried out for assessing various social projects. The research results give the picture on dynamics of such indicators the impact of which will reduce or increase the project efficiency)

4. Panel Research (is used to carry out strict control of variables. It is popular for empiric sciences (for instance health service), as well as economy. It is also applied for evaluating awareness, consumption and attitudes regarding social products)