Financial Institutions Research

IPM Research has been carrying out researches for financial institutions (banks, insurance companies) since 2002.

Financial service like insurance and bank service belongs to service business. This is a type of service business that operates through information (unlike other types of service business that operate through human body, i.e. healthcare, beauty saloons; with things like dry-cleaner’s, household appliances repairing centers and through human mind, such as advertising, gaming business, etc).

Information is the least accessible form of the service. Bank and insurance products are inaccessible for customer’s five feelings, inseparable from the producer, characterized with long life span and depended on macroeconomic environment. Political and economic stability and high quality confidence towards financial institutions are necessary for implementing long-term programs. This and other characteristics are revealed in marketing activities and marketing mix. So research approaches aiming at financial institutions need to be thoroughly adapted.

Customer Satisfaction Research has been elaborated for financial institutions, which includes service control monitoring and other factors influencing client satisfaction. Brand and Corporative Image Research is also developed for financial institutions.

Some other types of research are also carried out for financial institutions, these are: B2B type researches, market evaluation researches, advertising conception tests, product tests, etc.