Product Design

By "product" we mean all types of products, including service products. By "design" we mean "design of the product", including parameters that the product needs to turn into the brand.

The product itself consists not only of basic parameters of the product mix, but also of those means that help the company to turn the product into a brand. Therefore, product design means:

- Creating the basic customer parameters' concept, by taking into account its physical parameters (taste parameters for fast moving products and price parameters for service products), and the resources of customer demand (potential volume in the segment, the shares of different types of expenses in expenditure structure, etc.)

- The share of the product's inseparable communication attributes (name, packaging, etc.) in brand communication

- The shares of the product's planned (conceptual) parametric (physical) attributes and the customer's non-parametric attitude attributes (positioning parameters) in the brand

- Brand communication concept and strategy.

Thus, by applying this research approach you get all recommendations about product creation, including sketches and other visuals. Now you only have to create it.