Business Success Index

The aim of the project is evaluation of the companies according to the industries.

The mentioned survey assists Georgian business structures in identification of their own positions with a simple and rapid method.

Evaluation of the basic industries is conducted with the most relevant parameters conditioning the business success. These are the following parameters: public activeness, apoliticalness, income and product quality.

The less characteristic is a business under these parameters, the less guarantees exist for its success in future.

At the moment the following industries are being evaluated: banks (1), insurance (2), construction (3), food products (4), beer and soft drinks (5), cafes and restaurants (6), real estate (7), drug-store chains (8).

The generalized results of the business success index is being published and is available for everybody. The software in which the results are processed (BSI 1.0) is being installed only to those who have signed up for the service. And by the means of the business success index software the companies, from each research industry, are given opportunity to analyze their position in the generalized results and plan effective marketing steps in advance.