Market Assessment Research

Research standard of many international companies includes market assessment studies. This is a large-scale complex approach that contains main consumer parameters, brand ratings, market volumes, quality of advertisement impact on consumers and other marketing attributes.

Market assessment research (this may be usage and attitude research-Usage&Attitude, segmentation or any other study. It depends on the research standard of the company). Usually this kind of study is conducted once a year and continues through so called Tracking study.

The logic of this approach is simple- besides research activities oriented on any separate marketing value (for instance testing of Ad concept or Ad materials) large companies gather strategic topics in market assessment research. Based on this research marketing strategy and particular marketing operations are planned. Variables identified in market assessment research (for instance brand awareness, consumption, sales volume, clients' attitude toward brand, consumer loyalty, social-demographic and psychographic features of consumers) change from time to time. The reason of change may concern any marketing activitiy conducted by the company itself, or its competitor including advertisement, PR, sales organization, etc.