The most widespread research standards of the world concern marketing of perishable goods. The largest ad budgets are spent on this category of products. Correspondingly the major portion of research industry technologies represents these very goods.

It is quite natural that IPM Research Group is not an exception and considerable part of its technologies is oriented on perishable goods. Our specialists assist clients to select proper research directions, develop new ideas, new products, manage effective marketing processes, make sales forecasts and discover various factors that influence brand success.

IPM Research classifies two direction studies for producers of perishable goods as well as other industries: standardized and special. Besides IPM Research offers specialized software packages to its clients that enable them to obtain any information in their office (1) and through this information they can independently analyze data (2) and effectively use the research information (3).

New software packages enable clients to analyze various studies conducted in different period of time simultaneously, as well as to identify time dynamics of any marketing parameter, make any analysis via easiest way, etc.

IPM Research conducts special and syndicate studies through the following standards:

   1. Psycho-demographic segmentation (developed by international research institutes and licensed by IPM Research in Caucasus)

   2. Probe studies (monitoring any marketing parameter through special technologies within a year.As soon as minimal meanings of parameters are specified for the companies probe technology enables us to identify fall of parameters via Alarm Warning system in order to correct parameters in time. Probe studies use face-to-face interviews as well as telephone inquiry technology)

   3. Consumption and Attitude Research (U&A is a study with relatively simple structure. It is conducted in brand competitive environment for right positioning and studying main and principal parameter meanings)

   4. Standardized Media Marketing Index Research (MMI, Media Marketing Index) (is used for planning media, consumer life style, probing separate brand characteristics. See research standard on our web-site.

   5. Standardized Price Research (BPTO is used to identify optimal prices of brands. It provides forecast regarding sales dynamics in various price policy circumstances)

   6. Upscale (special study aiming at identifying prospects of brand movement to another price segment and preparing relevant recommendations)

   7. Omnibus Research (qualitative studies that enable to get answers of particular questions for standard time periods through minimal expenses. The research is carried out simultaneously for various clients. See the chapter regarding Omnibus Research)

Besides these research approaches IPM Research is focused on branding task as well. Namely, IPM Research has frequently provided clients with market analysis, new brand concept, recommendations for introduction. As a rule, success of this consultation service is based on the client- consideration of recommendations by the client and efficiency of ad / promotion project. If these two components work properly, successful completion of branding project is guaranteed.