Qualitative Research

Irrespective of whether you are launching a new product on the market, creating advertisement slogan, searching for a target audience, or are interested in the effectiveness of an undertaken advertising campaign -they all lead to the necessity of a market research. At any rate, this is the case when the management is thoughtful about the future of a product or the company. Qualitative marketing research is a necessary pre-requisite for positioning and developing your business in a competitive environment. Obtaining complete and timely information is important, but it is also crucial to reveal and understand the tendencies, risks, dynamics and advantages that are "hidden" behind the information. The results of an effectively planned qualitative research enable you to feel yourself one step ahead of your competitors. Qualitative research is oriented at exchanging customers' views, attitudes and feelings about various products. The objectives of qualitative research are:

    * Identification of the processes on which customer behavior is based

    * Studying, processing and systematization of factors determining customer behaviour

    * Interpretation of research results and their generalization as recommendations.

Qualitative research results cannot be expressed in figures, as they convey ideas, attitudes, views, evaluation and most importantly - all these are subjective ones and take into consideration the customers' characteristics. Due to these, making a correct selection of a research agency becomes extremely important while planning a qualitative research. The success of your business depends on the effective analysis of customer profile and specifics.

IPM Research offers you a valued preciseness based on a 10 years' experience of applying qualitative research techniques and the trust gained in this sphere. The company is in full compliance with ESOMAR and EMRA ethic and research standards. The sources of our research technologies and methodologies are international research companies, the world's largest manufacturers, international research and marketing associations.

Considering technological as well as personnel and timing resources, IPM Research satisfies all requirements necessary for conducting qualitative research. The company has 3 discussion rooms for qualitative research, all of them equipped with single side mirrors, observation facilities, video and audio recording equipments, and abilities for simultaneous translation. Discussions are recorded by means of two video cameras and special audio equipment.

 Representatives of client company observe the process of discussions. In case of any additional questions, they can contact with moderator in the room for focus groups through the internal communication facilities.

Client can observe the discussions through a single side mirror as well as TV monitor. In case of necessity client can communication with group assistant.

Qualitative research projects are moderated by psychologists experienced and qualified in this field. All of them undergo annual trainings in Russia's higher education facilities for moderators' professional growth and development.

One of the most important factors for a successful qualitative research is precise identification and recruitment of a target audience. The company possesses serious recruiting human resources of psychologists and experienced interviewers. Research audience is being selected not only following research quota, but also by taking into consideration potential respondents' customer and psychological characteristics.