Real Estate Research

Real estate study is the youngest direction in the researches and it was launched only since 2005. At the moment the company in cooperation with the western business partners carries out researches of international standards, including:

1. Continuous research of real estate index (6 international parameter for evaluation of Georgia's real estate market, weekly reports regarding the sale-purchase parameters according to the towns, districts, price segments.  The basic parameters of real estate market tendencies and forecasts);

2. Description of the real estate market (all construction units, visualization, all the basic parameters, volumes of the real estate market, forecasts);

3. Special study for Price Flexibility Index (mechanism for calculation of the share of all the basic parameters of the real estate product (floor, district, construction company, developing company, the degree of refurbishment, infrastructure, view and etc.));

4. Sales Optimization Researches (researches of the effectiveness of sales management mechanisms);

5. Concept test studies (recommendations regarding he conceptual part of the developing company);

6. Communication campaign/sample design and testing studies;

7. Consulting activities for calculation of areas and optimization;

Today the major part of the real estate market uses the abovementioned research categories. Research activities conducted by the company and consultations are unique as the coefficient of consumption of the consequences obtained as a result of studies and consultations is extremely high from the side of clients. All developing companies acting on the base of the results of the consultations and studies conducted by IPM Research are successful.