Telecommunications Research

Throughout the world telecommunications research is conducted not only in the direction of syndicate research but of special studies as well. Besides standardized and continuous surveys carried out by international research institutes in all countries, special studies are also the focus of attention. IPM Research Marketing Service implements these directions and respectively, research technologies differ from marketing research tools for perishable goods.

Telecommunications research direction was formed in IPM Research in 1999. Its main goal was to study, import and adapt research standards that would bring maximal efficiency to IPM Research clients.

IPM Research conducts special as well as syndicate studies in telecommunications sector. Via these approaches we try to show the ways of improving TV, radio and printed media rating paramenters (1), methods for improving product quality (2), optimal directions of problem identification (3) and various marketing tools for problem solution (4) to our customers.

Special research approaches

Unlike syndicate studies special research considers the interests of a single client and is oriented on his/her needs. Similar studies are designed in accordance with more or less standardized international research practice, though they are still oriented on the particular problems of customers within concrete time interval. In such cases the following objectives may emerge:

   1. Utilization of resources (how well does the client use existing industrial resources and to what extent are consumer demands met?)

   2. Product testing (to what extent does particular product of a client satisfy consumer demand and which features are to be corrected for optimal product design?)

   3. How well does a consumer perceive advantages of existing products?

IPM conducts special and syndicate studies through the following standards:

   1. Standardized telephone interviews (TELE CATI) – special module used for measuring ad or promotion campaigns in order to identify brand awareness, use and loyalty.

   2. Standardized Media Marketing Index Research (MMI, Media Marketing Index) is used for planning media, consumer life style, probing separate brand characteristics. See research standard on our web-site.

   3. Sales Quality Management and Control Standardized Research (SQM, Sale Quality Model) is used for optimizing product sales mechanisms, ensuring effective sales and increasing consumer satisfaction.

   4. Mystery Shopping is used for controlling, assessing and correcting established sales standards.