U&A Research

Usage and attitude (U&A) study is prompt, quite cheap and standardized research tool, carried out by quantitative as well as combined (qualitative and quantitative) methods.

This study tests each parameter of marketing axis: awareness- identification- testing-usage/consumption- regular usage/consumption- customer satisfaction.

Since 2008 IPM Research has been conducting the research of Usage & Attitude by means of a new index system, Marketing Asset Index.

MAi  is the first diagnostic module for Brand Driver research technology, which determines brand’s position in consumer perception near by other brands. Achievement of each such point depends on different levels of Marketing Asset (awareness, expectation, testing, consumption, regular consumption, consumer satisfaction) existing on consumer volume.

MAi  shows how much problematic the position of a brand in the consumer perception is.

Each brand is characterized by certain position that it has in perception of the consumer. The aim of  U&A research is both to determine brands position in consumer perception and to explain this position by various independent variables.

Finally, Usage & Attitude research gives us information about success of the brand, its strong and weak sides, position in consumer perception and weights of factors, determining this position.

U&A research, based on MAi  index, is the most effective, technological, fast and economic mean of finding variables for brand management empirical basics.