Ad Monitoring and Analysis

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IPM Research ensures advertisement monitoring on Georgian market since 2008 and offers innovations to its loyal partners. Advertisement monitoring department created unique web-page (, that gives chance to clients to get full advertising information in all media types (TV, printed media, radio, outdoor advertisements). It gives information about when advertisements were made, which categories, brands, producers were presented and how much was spent on advertising campaigns in any period of time. 4 media types are integrated in advertisement monitoring: TV, printed media, radio and outdoor advertisement that are implemented according to standard media parameters. Advertisements are classified according to international, approved standards and are divided into two categories-commercial and sponsor advertising rolls, on the basis of classification of products and services. Advertisement sector is divided into categories and subcategories. Renewed model of our web-page was created according to wishes and recommendations of clients and mostly corresponds to renewing demands of the market. Each client has user and password and they are able to use all parameters of the web-page.

Advertisement monitoring is presented by the following classified modules:

Period of time; product category; subcategory; product class; sector; industry; group; brand; broadcaster; producer; product; broadcasting;

Advertisement monitoring web-page can make different types of reports. Client can receive detailed information on each advertisement, also total data in the specific period of time

Structure of the report made on the basis of monthly, quarterly or annual data:

  • Quantitytotal number, frequency of broadcasting advertisement;
  • Volumetotal length of advertisement ();
  • Official Investment – Value of advertisement according to official price;
  • SOS & SOV – specific groups (broadcasters/ producers of advertisement, sector, advertisement type, etc.) Share of media parameters;
  • Simple Report- simple report, total report on given period and broadcaster according to media parameters;
  • Standart Report- standard report including all attributes. Report reflects information about placing each information in detail;
  • SOS & SOV;
  • Investment Share- Investment share on specific brand, products, roll, etc. in specific group (broadcasters/ producers of advertisement, sector, category, etc.);
  • Quantity Share- Share of advertisement according to quantity of broadcasting; 
  • Volume Share- Part of advertising time;
  • Comparative statistics-Comparative statistics according to selected period, industry, sector, category, producer and company;
  • (Duration*AMR%-18+) –Average minute rating/duration;
  • (Frequency*AMR%-18+) –Average minute rating/frequency;
  • PDI- Index of positive reveal (Comparative statistics);
  • EFFECTIVE COVERAGE INDEX-Effective Coverage Index”; official investment/volume; share of coverage toward the whole advertising coverage share;

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