Media Monitoring and Analysis

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IPM Research ensures media monitoring on Georgian market since 2000 and offers innovations to its loyal partners. Together with development of media monitoring sector, our media monitoring department created unique web-page (, that gives chance to clients to get full information in all media types (TV, printed media, radio, information agencies) about interesting and actual themes, accents, subjects, companies, competitors and partners. Renewed model of our web-page was created according to wishes and recommendations of clients and mostly corresponds to renewing demands of the market. Each client has user and password and they are able to use all parameters of the web-page.

Accessibility of operative information is an important and necessary condition for successful business. You should be in the epicenter of events to make right decision. According to strict rules of competition, you win if you have right information in the right time. In modern epoch amount of information increases and reaches grand scales. So only after processing information in all dimensions (that needs additional time and expenses-searching, selection, reading, processing, analyzing…) you can get the full picture and analysis of events. In terms of competition the demand on information is big, so you can determine what do your partners and competitors do.

The main goal of media monitoring is to study informative environment, control and prognosis of presumable changes.

IPM Media Monitoring Department offers its clients to give fully analyzed information on different important industries, spheres, themes, companies or individuals, broadcasted in any media -TV, printed media, radio and internet as well as positioning of themes and their media parameters.

Media monitoring group also offers complex media analysis:

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of media activities
  • Full media coverage - press, radio, TV, internet
  • Media achieve from 2008 year till today 
  • Media estimation analysis
  • Study of media news
  • Quantitative and percentage analysis of media news in the whole Georgian media
  •  Essential analysis of media news 
  • Quantitative and essential analysis of actual themes
  • Deep analysis of estimation, research of attitudes and relationships
  • Research of attitudes of representatives from different spheres of society
  • Quotations
  • Identification of mutually exclusive announcements
  • Semantic field

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