Quantitative Research

In the quantitative research process IPM Research is focused on standardized as well as ad hoc studies.

Complex technique of quantitative research, including price research (BPTO), market simulation test (STM), Tracking study and many other research standards already represent half of IPM Research quantitative research.

Thus we may say that the technique of IPM Research quantitative research is a successful import of international standards in Georgia. Main portion of quantitative studies is based on international standards and licensed by international research companies. Respectively the technique of IPM Research quantitative research repeats success of research industry in Europe, Asia or America.

The research process applies direct interview method. Other methods (including telephone interviews)are applied for solving separate marketing objectives.

The value of IPM Research quantitative research

IPM Research quantitative research is more than simple tables with percentage rates. IPM Research is the first organization in Georgia that widely implemented the practice of complex statistical models in business studies. For instance if you wish to obtain attributes on psychodemographic segmentation of Georgian population, you have no choice because this is the result of IPM Research 8-year self-financed research activities and this method is applied only by us in Georgia. There are many similar examples, that underline our mission- to introduce international research practice and standards in Caucasus region.