• 2018-02-05

6-6% of Russians and Azerbaijanis think that cooperation with Georgia in the field of science and technology would be beneficial for their country In the scope of survey conducted in the region and Russia, respondents expressed their opinions about the countries which would be beneficial for their homeland countries to
cooperate with in the field of science and technology. In cooperation activities like conducting joint researches, exchanging developments and sharing scientific ideas were meant. 1200 respondents participated in the survey in each country.
Georgian people think, that it would be beneficial for Georgia to cooperate with Germany (46%), Japan (42%) and USA (36%) in the field of science and technology.

According to Azerbaijani respondents’ evaluation, there are 4 main countries Azerbaijani would find benefit cooperation with.
These are: Turkey (26%), Germany (25%), USA (22%) and Japan (22%). Armenians believe that cooperation with Germany (34%), USA (32%), Russia (28%) and Japan (27%) in the field of science/technology would be beneficial for their country. Vast majority of Armenians (21%) supports the idea of cooperation with France in these fields.
Almost half of russian respondents (49%) prefers cooperation with Japan on this issue. Responses of remaining respondents are allocated to many countries. Among them are: China (39%), Germany (37%), France (21%) and United Kingdom (21%).
From surveyed countries, cooperation with Georgia in these fields is desirable for equal emount of Russians and Azerbaijanis – 6-6%. Armenians are the least likely to see Georgia as a partnet country in scientific/technological field.
All in all, responses of 4 surveyed country revealed that Germany is the most desirable country for conducting joint researches, exchanging developments and scientific ideas.