• 2018-01-25

13% of the respondents have at least one tattoo:
most popular tattoos are some kind of symbols

The topic of the conducted survey is “Tattoo”.  IPM Research conducted 1450 interviews in the scope of the survey.

As it turned out, 13% of the respondents have a tattoo. Data analyzes revealed that women are less inclined to get tattoos than man, only 7% of women have a tattoo compared to 19% of men.

Respondents with the tattoos also named their amount: the majority of them - 62% - have only one tattoo, 25% has two tattoos. Only 4% of the respondents has five or more tattoos.

Contents of the tattoos are also interesting. Most of the respondents (44%) mentioned that their tattoos are important symbols, while the tattoos of 32% of them is some kind of inscription or a phrase. 15% have a tattoo of a loved one’s name, while 9% said that their tattoos do not hold important content.

All in all the majority of the respondents doesn’t intend to get any tattoos/add to the already existing ones. Among those who already have a tattoo approximately every second one says that they do not wish to get any new tattoos, while 18% plans to get more tattoos.

Those who do not have tattoos are more categorical - 86% of them intend never to get a tattoo, while only 3% plan to get one.

As it turned out, the attractiveness of tattoos is a controversial subject. When asked if they like tattoos on other people, the respondents’ answers were almost equally distributed between positive, neutral and negative assessments.