• 2018-01-15

Georgians spend on average 200 to 300 GEL on New Year’s feast.
The dish that is present on New Year’s table of almost every family is Gozinaki.

Georgians have many traditions related to New Year’s. We asked our respondents about New Year’s feast and Mekvle (first-foot) tradition and, also, about their expectations for the upcoming year.

As it turned out Georgians spent on average 200 to 300 GEL on New Year’s feast.

The top-5 list of most popular New Year’s dishes looks like this: Gozinaki (69%), satsivi (52,4%), khachapuri (33%), suckling pig (28,9%) and chicken (25,5%).

Almost every family follows the Mekvle tradition (98,3%). Majority of them do not plan prior for somebody to be the Mekvle (66,3%), while 32% chooses their Mekvles beforehand. 

Majority of population (93,3%) is welcoming New Year with optimism and thinks that this year will be better for their families than last one.

The amount of optimistic people is the same in case of children’s New Year’s mood assessment.   93,3% think that children are meeting happy this New Year.