• 2018-01-09

New Year is a special and universal public holiday. Its special feature is that it always comes
despite inflation, currency exchange rate and pork price. Media is positive prior to New Year
celebration as there are numerous campaigns that help people to improve their holiday mood.
From the beginning of November the word “New Year” became active. We offer statistics on the
number of articles and reports regarding the topic during almost 2 months. In total 824 news
reports were dedicated to the issue and the biggest portion concerns internet.

Georgian media is mostly focused on Christmas trees. Trees installed in big cities and regions
of the country are under special attention.
New Year lightning and its political implications are also important in media.
However, New Year is a positive celebration and we’ll focus on positive news as well, like
cooperation between Bank of Georgia and Georgian Post and their joint porject Secret Santa
New Year activities of business companies are widely covered by media. They give full
information for consumers concerned.
Companies specialized in domestic technique and home appliances offer special campaigns.
They are Megamall.ge, Smile. Till December 31 Smile offers special campaign-if a consumer
buys 1 item, the second item will be available at GEL 1.On December 15-16- 17 Zoomer has
discount on smartphones and offers different gifts, vouchers and installment payment.
Elit Electronics also provides New Year presents. On a single day prior to the New Year home
appliances of exclusive brands were sold at their prime cost.
Beeline’s New Year gift implies LTE smartphone Beeline Pro with 4,5 inch display at GEL 100
and Beeline Fast with 5 inch display at GEL 150.
Developer companies offer special terms for customers. New Year campaign is launched at
King David. There is unprecedented 20% discount in a residential complex Green Diamond.
Monolith Group offers a flat with a New Year gift and unique payment terms.
Those who want to buy a flat are interested in furniture as well. Company Dogtas Georgia offers
New Year discount and various campaigns. Shop Three Brothers provides numerous nice and
desirable items.

Unicard traditionally offers double scores, discounts and Christmas souvenirs.
Borjomi will present a special New Year package.
Zedazeni launched unprecedented campaign of RC COLA and RC Q raffle.

Certainly this is an incomplete list of New Year offers covered by Georgian media and it has a
revision character only.