• 2020-06-28

IPM continues advertising monitoring. This time we offer monitoring of radio advertising placed by mass media in Q1, 2020.
In the given period mass media representatives placed 5226 radio ads.
TV Formula tops the rating with 818 ads. Palitra L comes the second with 763 ads and Lelo occupies the third position with 730 ads.
The chart shows the quantity of radio ads placed by mass media in Q1, 2020:

In the chronometry parameter Palitra L is leading. In Q1 2020 it placed radio ads with 15392 seconds duration. Magazine Mkurnali is on the second position with 12313 seconds and HR.ge comes the third with 16 seconds.

The chart shows the chronometry of radio advertising placed by mass media in Q1,2020:

In the most important parameter-investment TV Formula is leading. It invested GEL 27217. TV Rustavi 2 comes the second with GEL 26155 and the last position is occupied by Digital TV- GEL 5775.
The chart shows investment in radio advertising by mass media in Q1, 2020: