• 2020-06-01

Living together with Corona Virus has become a part of our life. Many developments are connected with the pandemic. For instance, they often speak about the increased number of divorce as the world trend amid social distancing and appeals to stay home. Georgia is not an exception and media is also focused on the divorce statistics.
During the previous 3 months up to 70 articles and reports were dedicated to the divorce topic. It is also worth noting that we cannot blame only Covid 19 in this growing trend. According to one of the agencies the number of registered divorce facts in 2019 was 11 205. This figure exceeds the previous year indicator by 8.9%. Geostat informs that registered 23 285 marriage cases in 2019 exceeded the previous year indicator by 0.4%.
Domestic violence is also a very sensitive issue. About 60 news was dedicated to this topic in Georgian media.
MIA states that during the State of Emergency the cases of domestic violence did not increase, however, NGO Sapari says that more and more victims of violence addressed them during the given period. “When a violator and a victim are together for 24 hours, the emotional and psychological background is unfavorable,”-says Baia Pataraia.
The chart shows statistics of the above-mentioned topics covered by media that became especially important for the society and researchers during pandemic.