• 2020-03-29

Since February 26, after coronavirus was revealed in Georgia, 20 000 news were recorded in Georgian media connected to this global challenge. Traditionally, internet is the most active among other media means and covers 71% of news.

The role of business companies was also revealed in the global hysteria connected to coronavirus. On one side business companies took social responsibility and moved to remote working to protect their employees and on the other side they joined charity activities and made different contribution in fighting against coronavirus. We offer several such news that were mostly broadcasted in media.
TBC bank -5,000,000 Gel
MagtiCom- 3,000,000 Gel
Silknet- 1,000,000 Gel
ORBI GROUP - 1,000,000 Gel
Gambling Business - 1,000,000 Gel
Anagi Development - 300,000 Gel
Dirsi - 200,000 Gel
Tegeta Motors -200,000 Gel
Basisbank -100,000 Gel
Hualing Group - 100,000 Gel
Philip Morris Georgia - 100,000 Gel
m2 - 100,000 Gel
Rustavi Azot -100,000 Gel
Askaneli Brothers -100,000 Gel
Tam Management - 75,000 Gel
Magniti - 50,000 Gel
Sarajishvili - 50,000 Gel
Archi - 50,000 Gel
Gulf - 45,000 Gel
Cartu Group- 126,000,000 Gel

The list of companies isn’t full and it was written as a result of superficial media monitoring coming out from the big amount of news.