• 2019-12-26

Retail trade of essentials, represented by mainly markets, is among the most interesting industries in Georgia. IPM Research presents analysis of media activity of markets during 2019 year.
16 companies were presented in media in 2019 year. Among them 7 companies were mentioned in more than 100 articles or TV reports. Fresco leads the list. 387 publications were published about Fresco. Media activity statistics of markets in 2019 year is shown below:

Sentiment profile analysis of first 7 companies shows evaluation in the whole media. 2 companies from 7 have only positive sentiments. These companies are Smart and AgroHub. Carrefour had the biggest index of negative sentiments in 2019 year.

Company Smart has the biggest positive sentiment profile. In 2019 the company held employment forum for students that was the biggest step regarding CSR. Besides a real chance of employment, students were given chance to attend trainings and master classes at daughter companies of Wissol Group such as Wissol, Smart, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts and Vianor. Masterclasses were held by famous trainer Paata Papava and founders of the company. Increasing varieties of Trucillo coffee at Smart was also a popular news for customers. Negative profile of company Carrefour was mainly determined by news spread in social network connected to quality and usefulness of products. Working conditions of employees was among the negative issues of discussion.