• 2019-07-12

The opinion of the population about the construction of HPPs is divided into two parts:
33% consider that construction of HPPs will be useful for the country,
For 31%, on the contrary, it will be harmful.

Due to the difference of opinions about the construction of HPPs planned in Georgia, “IPM Market Intelligence Caucasus” decided to survey the population. 350 respondents participated in the polls across the country.
Due to the topicality of the issue, it is not surprising that the awareness of HPPs planned in Georgia was high. As a result of research, 79% of respondents have information about this. People in the city have heard more about construction of HPPs (85%) than in villages (70%). With the increase of age, the awareness of the issue increases too. In the 18-29 and 30-39 age groups awareness is 76% and 79%; In the 40-50 aged respondents, awareness is the highest - 84%. In the survey, respondents answered the question – Will the construction of HHPs be more profitable for the country or more harmful? Their answers were distributed as follows: One third of the respondents (33%) think that construction of HPPs will be useful for the country, for 31%- on the contrary, causing harm. For the rest of the respondents it is difficult to answer (36%).
Analyzing of this question by living place, revealed that the responses of residents of city and rural places differ from each other. Residents of the city less think that construction of HHPs will be useful (respectively, 25% and 49%). On the question of which parties' opinions should be considered by the government when issuing a permission for the construction of the State HHPs, we received quite interesting answers.
Among the most frequently named answers are ecologists/environmental experts (79%) and local residents (68%) - the most active and opposing part of people regarding the construction of HPPs.