• 2019-07-01

Beer season has come and new brands appeared on the market. Beer Kaiaki isn’t distinguished by information activity, although it has already interested consumers in the direction of advertisements. Alienation of company Kazbegi and new profile of the brand is also innovation on the market.
It’s interesting how media activity changes in the industry year by year. In Q2, 2018 Georgian Beer Company is on the first place towards media activity. The same situation is in Q2 2019. Here is the list of TOP 5 companies in 2018-2019 years.

seems there isn’t big change in media in beer industry. Although media active brands in TOP 5 are different. Sentiment profile of leader beer companies shows balance between neutral and positive. There were negative sentiments in Q2 in TOP 5 companies.

The graphic shows that beer Ragnar Pilsner has the most positive sentiment compared to other companies.  The positive sentiment of beer Ragnar Pilsner was determined by Golden Brand awards, that was held on April 19 at Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi and organized by Global Idea and The FINANCIAL.