• 2018-07-24

IPM Research conducts advertisement monitoring of seven radio stations:

  • Radio Ar Daidardo
  • Auto radio
  • Fortuna
  • Fortuna +
  • Palitra
  • Radio Imedi
  • Radio Maestro

In April-May 2018, 229 471 advertising rolls were broadcasted via seven radio stations. According to advertising classification advertising rolls were distributed on 34 sectors and 266 advertisers. This is the number of companies that advertised in radio.

Let’s discuss alcoholic beverages sector including wine products and beer companies.

In April-May 2018 the share of alcoholic beverages sector was 1,44% that is quite law index. Company Zedazeni has majority of the advertisements in the sector-1 623 rolls.

The graphic shows advertising activity of companies in radio in April-May 2018

It’s worth mentioning that several companies advertise different products and social activities at the same time. The graphic shows advertising products of the companies, offers and activities of the companies