• 2018-07-17

IPM Research continues to analyze media coverage of industries that are active in seasonal terms. This time we present companies and brands producing ice cream that frequently appear in Georgian media with various interesting information. In Q1 2018 only 2 ice cream producer companies appeared in media but Q2 is more diverse and the list reaches 5 companies.
Q1, 2018

In Q2 Barambo is still active in the industry and media as well. It is also worth noting that Barambo occupies the third position in the list of 5 brands.
Q2, 2018

The profile of sentiments of the 5 top companies shows the balance between neutral, negative and positive. Negative evaluation was identified in case of Tolia only.

The chart shows that the most positive evaluation was identified in case of Barambo and Gurjaani Ice Cream.
Negative profile of Tolia is connected with the news about finding a lizard in the product. ( https://droni.ge/?m=3&AID=39072 )
As for Barambo, good news is that Barambo is expanding export market and its products will be sold in China and Singapore. At the same time the company is actively involved in summer activities and conducts ice cream festival in the whole country. Gurjaani Ice Cream has become active in CSR terms. The company will provide ice cream for children from socially vulnerable families who will relax in Anaklia Aqua Park.