• 2018-07-13

In the scope of this survey conducted in Georgia, information about print media reading habits was collected. 1000 respondents were surveyed by IPM Research.
Results of the study showed that every fifth respondent is getting acquainted with print media at least once a week. Time spend on reading magazines and newspapers is not all that small – respondents spend 32,7 minutes on average in an instance.
Interestingly, men are the ones who get acquainted with print media more often, while both men and women at age 55-64 spend more time on this activity then when they were younger. Comparatively high readability is observed among men in age group 25-34, which is, presumably, due to sports section in print media.

A person spends, approximately, 0,6 days a year on reading magazines and newspapers. If we sum up all the time a person has spent on reading print media in their lifetime, it turns out that a 65-year-old has spent, on average, a month reading magazines and newspapers. If we compare these results to the results of a similar study, conducted in 2006, we’ll that time spend on reading print media has significantly decreased. In 2006, time spent on reading magazines and newspapers in one’s lifetime was 180 days. This change isn’t surprising, considering the tendency of news websites and internet publishing to replace printed publishing.