• 2018-07-09

Soft drinks industry is active in summer season and it is interesting how Georgian meida highlights the news in the sector and how the statistics of media coverage changed in omparison with the previous quarter.
In Q1, 2018 the following 5 top media-active companies were identified from soft drinks sector:

In Q2, 2018 two different brands emerged in the top 5 list:

The profile of leading companies ranges between neutral and positive. In Q2 negative assessments were not identified among 5 top companies.

The chart shows that the most positive assessments were revealed regarding Lemonade Zedazeni and lemonade Natakhtari.
We offer media topics of Lemonade Zedazeni that preconditioned its positive profile. For the first time in the company’s history Georgian beer Company offers a joint raffle of Zedazeni beer and lemonade. On June 9 summer fest 2019 of Zedazeni and Barambino launched in Rustavi.  Golden Brand named Zedazeni beer and lemonade as number one brand. Zedazeni conducted rebranding of lemonade. Demand on Georgian Beer Company’s products doubled at export markets. In case of lemonade Natakhtari the main positive news was a new ad clip. “We believe that special reason is not necessary for holiday, entertainment and fun. A new clip of lemonade Natakhtari was created with this mood. Our lemonade is suitable for any moments-says Nino Mikeladze, brand manager of lemonade Natakhtari.