• 2018-04-23

IPM Researches offers statistic data of 2017 regarding media activities of companies from various sectors.
This time we present universities and important aspects of their media coverage. In 2017 TSU was the most active university in media. It occupies 36% of the whole sector’s media coverage.

Here we present 10 most actively covered topics within the activities of universities in 2017:
1. 100 th anniversary of TSU
2. Employment forum at TSU
3. Conference: competition politics: contemporary trends and challenges at TSU
4. New campus for TSU students near Lisi Lake
5. TSU became an associated member of European masters programs in lexicography
6. National Tourism Administration of the Economy Ministry signed a memorandum with
the representatives of 15 universities. Students will take part in research activities of
tourist companies based in Tbilisi
7. GTU organized an information meeting with the applicants for professional education
8. TSU hosted an international conference in which about 100 scientists of 16 countries
9. Summer school of Constitutional Court and Ilia State University hosted the 10 th jubilee
wave of students.
10. Construction of a new students’ campus began in Batumi.