• 2018-04-14

IPM Researches offers statistic data of 2017 on the media activity of business industry players. This time the company presents significant aspects of pharmacy chains and their media coverage.
In 2017 PSP was the most active pharmacy in media. It occupies 63% of the whole pharmacy sector coverage.

All 4 companies are mentioned in positive context. In this regard Aversi is a leader. 56% of its coverage is positive. Negative assessment is also revealed in regard with these companies, however such news reports were few. In this category Aversi still tops the list with 2%.

The list of campaigns that preconditioned a positive profile of Aversi is quite diverse. Alongside with service the company offered to its staff members as well as consumers in 2017 the policy toward CSR is also distinguished. In 2017 Aversi markets its 23th anniversary and awarded pharmacists. The company was also named as a winner in paintball tournament.
According to the memorandum of cooperation between Aversi Pharma and Solidarity Fund the company employees pay certain sums to the fund from their monthly salaries. On June 1 Aversi organized a splendid celebration for children. Based on the updated memorandum with Olympic Committee Aversi assumed obligation to provide free medical assistance to the members of Olympic teams and veteran sportsmen within its chain and supply them with all necessary medicaments.

Aversi also participated in a social project-Restore Borjomi Forest. The company bought 500 plants and the staff members took those plants to Borjomi. Aversi handed GEL 140 vouchers to the veterans of the World War II. Within the New Year events Aversi brought food products and hygiene items to the children aged under 3 who live together with mothers at penitentiary N5. On December 14 Holding eorgian Times held its traditional XVIII business rating award. Aversi was named among other successful companies of the years 2016-17.