• 2018-03-19

Almost every second employed person (43%)
works every day, including weekends.

We asked 500 respondents about their employment situation and workload and found out what time people spend on work.

As the result of the survey we found out that 36% of the respondents is employed or owns a business, while 64% is not employed (among them pensioners and housewives).
As it turned out, employed respondents spend on average 7 hours and 50 minutes at work every day. Men spend more time at work than women: namely, men spend 8 hours and 10 minutes at work, while women spend 7 hours and 25 minutes. Considering the existing employment policies and working conditions in the country, data concerning the respondents’ work schedule isn’t surprising: almost every second employed person (43%) works every day, including weekends. Men between ages 55 and 64 spend the most time - 9,4 hours at work during the day. Naturally, during the work hours some time is spend on non-working activities as well. The employed spend about 32 minutes each day on non-working activities, which is about 7,7% of workday. 17,6% of the respondents think that they do not spend even a minute on non-working activities at work. Young people between ages 25 and 34 and people near the pension age (55-64) spend the most time – 37 minutes – on non-work activities every day.

The analyses of the issue by gender showed that women spend on average 32 minutes on non-working activities, while men spend comparably less – 30 minutes on average. All in all, during the year, a person spends about 103 days at work. The average number of days people spend on different activities in a year shows that an average Georgian spends 2/3 of his/her life on just sleep and work. Eating, traveling, walking, getting ready and other activities take 51 days in total which leaves just 85 days for everything else.